Trae + Coi = Troi's wedding.

What a whirlwind wedding weekend! [see if you can say that five times fast]

...okay, who actually did? Well, we're back. from you guessed it, Trae & Coi's wedding weekend in Memphis. I have plenty of pictures from all the events up here. We had such a nice time, and as all weekend trips & wedding celebrations go, it went by incredibly fast. The bride & groom were both beaming the whole time, a little family is now complete. It was such a unique setting, there in the Chinese Panda exhibit. They had the ceremony near Ya-Ya & Le Le's habitat [we had to keep it down, because they were trying for some panda babies.] They wrote their own touching vows, and then danced the night away over in the Chinese courtyard. The bride wore a.... ok, i'm just kidding, I was beginning to sound like a journalist for Modern Bride...
here are a few of the highlights:

just before the 'I do'. what a sweet smile. Marrying them is Brother Doyle, Trae & I's youth pastor, who also married us.

sharing their vows. I never once even wondered about the pandas behind the curtain.

I thought this one turned out pretty cute, if I do say so myself.

me and two handsome tuxedos, luckily the weather definitely wasn't classic-August, it was such a pleasant evening.

I gotta say, with you two, I kind of anticipated a little cake-face-smashing. Maybe that was the point, this was unexpected!

Listening to the toasts of the Maid-of-Honor & the Best Man.

First dance as husband & wife... there at the end, the music picked up & Coi definitely rocked it.

Remember that last post, about Trae & I's Cotillion upbringing? Well, here's our fancy footwork in motion.

So happy for my brother and my new sister-in-law. Best wishes!

& my two men are home [we have Mr. Bo Jangles right now], so you'll just have to wait. The rest of the weekend is yet to come...


mnk ♥ said...

LOVE the dress ;)