until only faith remains...

So, I'm sitting at lunch just a few weeks ago, flipping through the paper -
and what to my wandering eyes should appear - Jewel {my absolute favorite singer/songwriter} was coming through town...
I've been trying to catch this lady for years and years.
Within seconds, I was on the phone leaving a message for my dear friend {and crazed fan such as I} Candice, who's recently relocated to Texas...a mere 3 hr drive away. Now the timing of her move holds a divine understanding...
excessive? no, that's just how much we love her.
We caught her Friday night show at Riverwind's theatre--a small venue with only 1500 seats. I had expectations pretty high, but it was even better than we'd imagined! I don't think I've ever enjoyed a concert so much.
Her voice was outstanding. You know how some concerts you go to - in reality, the singer doesn't sound anything like the digitally perfected sound you hear on the radio...? Not so with her, we were so captivated by her first song, and just how clear and beautiful she sang. Not only is she an incredibly talented musician, she's such a remarkable songwriter, poet, and entertainer. She shared lots of stories about her life with us and shed new light on the lyrics behind so many of the songs we've loved.
I've never been to a concert where I knew nearly every song. she sang so many of our favorites {and the obvious mainstream favorites} but, we wanted to hear even more. Candice and I both could have sat in those little seats for hours and hours if she would keep singing...
Some things just stick with you through the years, would you believe me if I told you she was the subject of my high school 'biography' term paper? Yes, I think now you would.
That would be a hoot to find. {I couldn't really get any good pictures myself, so I borrowed this shot from her concert the next night at another event in Oklahoma} The whole set was solo acoustic. One thing we didn't hear much of was that 2004 album. Not that anyone minded, we think it was just a rough patch, a bad haircut, an unfortunate class photo...that we just don't talk about. She's had two great albums since. She has a new lullaby album coming out this year...all self-written and produced out of her ranch in Texas. she gave us a preview...gorgeous.

Candice and I spent our time catching up and lounging in the hot tub {a baylor pasttime}. Our friend, Bryan, came to hang out, and the four of us grabbed some Thai food and checked out a new boutique down in the Plaza District. Bryan has started designing and making his own jewelry, so I suggested we check out Collected Thread - I had their flyer from the Girlie Show last fall. Their store just opened a few months ago to support and highlight local artists in Oklahoma city - everything is vintage or handmade {clothing, jewelry, housewares, prints...} and so incredibly unique.

{photo credit: collected thread}
The owners turned out to be friends of Aaron's from back in the day. There's a few other unique galleries and vintage shops popping up in this neighborhood. I'll definitely be back. If you're in the area, worth stopping in at 1705 NW 16th Street.

...off to prepare my little bookworm some study-slash-superbowl grub. {Aaron's month-long exam begins in just a few weeks!} As for me, I've got my latest crafty project spread out in the floor. Football and decoupaging don't usually mix. But who knows - with our new awesome TV, it might even keep my interest this year.