the Franklin experience.

1 weekend road trip to Texas +

these 2 monkeys {and a maltese} as lovely hosts for the weekend,
then throw in what carly & I do best...
corner bakery :: the shops at willow bend :: world market :: ikea :: stonebriar :: taco diner :: the shops at legacy :: rockband :: legacy books ::anthropologie :: the allen outlets

= some fine, quality friend-time.

I don't quite miss Texas like I miss Tennessee, but it's a pretty special place in my heart, I'll say.
oh good grief, I've become one of 'those' haven't I?

But worth mentioning, my craftiest friend started teaching me to crochet! {she decided that was the easiest starting point for someone as clueless as I am. ok, carly didn't say that.} Don't even think I'm going to put a picture of my wimpy little start of a scarf. It looks more like a trendy wrist cuff, as it stands so far. Hopefully I can make it past 'pot-holder'. Fellow blogger, megan, has turned me on to this awesome daily crafty dose of d-i-y and inspirational design - craft: the blog. Their ideas are so unique, young, fresh. It's ironic how 'hip' I feel doing something that years ago would have assumed was only for grandma's in a rocking chair. {Not you grandma, other people's grandmas, my grandma's hip too.}

So, needless to say...
if you give a 'Maudite'
we had a smashing good time.


jen + ryan said...

aw you went to some great places! that inspires me to do more than just sit at home on the weekends :)

mnk ♥ said...

aw, thanks for the shoutout! :) and I wish I could've seen you!!! I can't believe you were in town!