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i'm going a little out of order.


I hadn't yet bragged on mr. so-tickled-to-be-done-with-the-written-part-of-the-general-exams.
2 days. 8 hours each. "four" essay questions, which required pages upon pages of answering to get it right. {he still has a take home portion during these next weeks, then he'll have a 3-hour oral exam to which he can be asked ANYTHING and everything by his selected committee, which represent experts in the areas of Neuro-anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry, Neuroscience Pharmacology... did I say ANYTHING? yeah. prayers definitely welcomed}
...then, he'll technically be two years in, so he'll have his 'masters', but will then cease from regular classwork and such, and focus on his research for his PhD dissertation. When he's not poking his rat pups - he's always at meetings, working on things to publish, he's teaching the med students' neuroanatomy lab, and he gives so many talks, it's ridiculous. He manages to stay so calm and collected through it all. But, that's our Aaron, right?

...oh yes, the bragging was not to be on his brainiac-skills (brainiac, get it? oh, shoot me.)...but on his culinary skills.
I love a man who can make a mean bourdeaulais sauce.
a picturesque romantic valentine's evening prepared by my main squeeze.
so adorable, I tell you. It was delicious, to say the least.

I don't know at what point you realize that sometimes you can just do 'special occasions' better yourself... it can be so fun, turn on some music, light some candles, pour a glass of wine, and just spend the evening making a big, elaborate fancy meal. {oh, for about a fourth of the price, mind you.} we did sneak out to grab some orange-cheesecake and drinks at the end of the night @ the late-night Flips. It's easy to get a table on valentine's day when it's 11:30 pm!
...a little romantic evening in was a perfect (for us) way to cozy-up and celebrate the 'holiday'.
{I will never be one of those people who scoffs at a 'hallmark holiday'. Don't tell me you don't love to eat chocolate and have someone tell you how much they love you?... I didn't think so. I think I just like any 'festivity'. I would throw a Flag Day party if people would come...}

ok, I could end the post here, but I'm feeling nostalgic.
when I went to sort these valentine's pictures on my hard drive, I found the //valentine folder with categories for every year. {yes, I'm that neurotic with my pictures. I feel like I have to be with over 10,000 files.}

So, we're gonna have a friday flashback, ok?

first one as the lil' newlyweds. got a little crazy.
turned into a whole weekend: a heart-shaped pizza pie, a wonderful night out at the Red Piano Lounge and an awesome stay at the restored hilton Skirvin, then a visit to Body Worlds: the universe within. What's more valentines-y than looking at actual hearts?

another year of celebrating cozy-style. an evening in making a yummy dinner together & then sitting by the fireplace eating chocolate fondue!

I got to be the chef this year {heart-shaped chocolate molten cakes and all...} I distinctly remember Aaron having a test the next morning, and only being able to break for 'food'. Well, food he got. all that chimichurri, we smelled like garlic for days. hmm, I need to find that recipe....

oh, this one was so funny.
We spent our day walking around the cameron park zoo (because that's the kind of time you have on a weekday when you're a college student.) Then that night, Aaron had the brilliant idea to order take-out from our favorite restaurant and go sneak down & have a picnic at the Historic baylor village. {yes, my bears, you know the one.) It's a little 'town' stuck in the 19th century with little homes, a general store, an inn, an old bank... just what you'd expect on a college campus, right? It was fun, and thrilling in a we-could-get-caught/hey-whats-that-rustling-in-the-bushes kind of way.

the inaugural year.
I remember driving to Dallas, going to dinner & seeing 21 grams(?) at the Angelika.
oh to see the little lovebirds back then.

here's to many, many more to come.
Je t'aime.


tiffany said...

too cute.

hopefully in the next few weeks i'll be posting some photos/commentary detailing my dive into italian cooking. sauce from scratch, gnocchi from scratch, that sort of thing. all much easier than it sounds and possibly something you could add to your romantic dinners in menu? i don't want to become someone who blogs only about food haha, but it's so fun!

tiffany said...

recipe: (i half this for just me. it makes about 4 generous servings or 6 'side' servings as a whole recipe)

2 cans whole tomatoes (with juice)
4 slices bacon (i also don't use the bacon...just a tsp or so evoo)
1 tbs sugar
1/2 cup heavy cream
pepper to taste
1 Tbs balsamic vinegar
1 cup chicken stock (low-sodium)
2 (or more) cloves garlic, chopped fine. (i like my garlic so i add 2 even when i make half a recipe)

put bacon in soup pot and cook until almost done, remove.
add garlic and sautee over medium heat for 1-2 minutes.
add tomatoes+juice, sugar, pepper and chicken stock. cover and simmer for 15 minutes.
put into blender (no need to cool) and puree.
return to soup pot, add cream. heat to slow boil and simmer for 1-2 minutes. add balsamic vinegar and serve.

see...super easy!

as for the cupcakes, you use no paper liner. lightly spray the silicone liners with pam and they'll slide right out. i only placed mine on liners because i took them to bible study and wanted everyone to be able to have something to rest them on. they don't even fit in a normal liner because they're slightly smaller than a regular cupcake. so cute!