something smells good.

I don't believe what I do to be really cooking...it's more like following directions.
It's not like I'm little-miss-adventurous coming up with my own creations over here.
In the spirit of cooking more for and with my husband, I've been searching out new ideas...and settled upon trying at least one new dish every week.
And, as it turns out, thought I might share the first week of successes...
{the picture is really confusing. but I promise it was delicious.}
New Mexico Chile-glazed Chicken on Hominy Polenta is a recipe that I found on Epicurious. The success, to me, lies not only in the fact that we heartily enjoyed the taste -- but, it's one of those recipes where you have nearly everything you need in the pantry already. It makes the shopping trip easier to just grab some dried chiles, hominy, and cilantro and you're all set.

cozy. chunky. warm. yummy.

No-Knead Bread. Ths recipe was a Christmas present. no, really. It was from my Dad. Others were confused that he'd be offering this up as something I would really want, until they saw my eyes light up at the first bite of this flaky, soft artisian bread. Some of you will already know that I could live on bread alone. I know I've told you that I wandered around St. Martin on our honeymoon (a French territory) with a new, freshly baked baguette sticking out of my bag every day. My family knows that I will go to a specific restaurant just because they have good bread and great croutons.

If I lived across the street from Central Market or something, I needn't not have to make my own. But, to get bread like this -- sometimes, you just have to do it yourself. And, this recipe is so cheap. and so easy. {I should tell you up front, that you'll need a dutch oven to bake it in, and it'll be much easier if you have a kitchen scale.} The timing can be kind of tricky, so that'll take some planning. You start one thing, then another 8 to 18 hrs later, and so on. But, I promise, if it was anything even remotely complicated, you wouldn't find me bragging about this awesome bread.

I'll pass the recipe along if you're a bread-ie like me, and it doesn't even have to be your birthday.

Homemade Lasanga.

[no picture for this one. and yes, aaron does give me a hard time about taking pictures of food. I claim I just want to practice my photography skills I've learned...]

Not sure why I typed Homemade. but, I guess I need to tell you that I think the Stouffer's stuff is disgusting and should go by another name. This one isn't 'new' really, but definitely noteworthy.
This was my favorite meal growing up, I always requested it when my mom asked what we wanted for dinner. I'm so thrilled to have finally gotten it down. and if you're like us, you enjoy the multiple leftovers it offers. I'd be more than happy to share. I don't think I'll fill up this page with step-by-step instructions...so, let's just trade, shall we?

...and just so you don't think I'm the one always wearing the apron. I have to brag on my little valentine, he's planning 'the menu' for our little evening tonight. Not only did he wake me up with breakfast (my favorite french toast, fruit, & bacon), he's preparing a gourmet fare of this and this and more that I've yet to taste...

I love this man...

{v-day card caption: your beard is so sexy}

I don't know about you guys, but we'd planned to eat out this year, but when calling around for reservations, we were met with 120$ "prix fixe" price tags. So, even better - we're having a leisurely dinner in, then stepping out for drinks and dessert at a cozy little bistro...

and I almost forgot...

Red-velvet Sandwich cookies.

mom, please scroll past this paragraph. she'll kill me for using a mix. But they were a big hit with my lil' sweetheart... let's see, I believe his exact words were "they make my insides smile..." You can find this super easy little valentine's recipe over here on bakerella's recipe blog.

I have to admit, I have alterior motives for starting this recipe discussion. Surely you have some fun ideas up your sleeves? a go-to dish? a family favorite?

This is much to advanced for my skills, but so adorable I just had to share:
Valentine's gift box -- yes, it's actually a cake! {program note: I'm pretty sure you all know this, but anything in blue like that is always a link. they typically won't be underlined...}
If I tried to make a valentine's cake, it would probably turn out more like
this. [& there are more cakewrecks to be seen, check out this blogger's hilarous inspiration. oh, and this one's probably my favorite.]

- and a happy valentine's day to you! -

"...you best believe, best believe I'm yours."


Doug Woodall said...

Aren't you quite the culinary artist! Props to you for undertaking cooking!

jen + ryan said...

yum-a-lum. i may steal some of these recipes!