hold on to your butts.

Aaron said he'd been waiting 65 million years for this...and he just couldn't wait 65 million more.
The night before we flew out to Denver, we grabbed dinner (& celebrated!) with Aaron's parents at the new Iguana Grill, grabbed some cupcakes next door, and then the two of us headed off for a little prehistoric science lesson.

From the moment I looked over and saw his mouth gaping open at the commercials they started running in okc, I knew we were headed to the cretaceous period. Aaron'll be glad when we have kids {or at least our little nephew}, so they can pull at my pant legs begging me to go to stuff like this. We weren't sure if we'd be the only adults to go on their own, but surprisingly, everyone we know that went was going without the guide of a little one. It just looked stinkin' cool I tell ya.
Walking with the Dinosaurs was the name of the show... not quite the acurate description, we just watched and listened, but it was a really neat event. even neater once we snuck down to the expensive seats.

They called them 'life-size', and they were very 'life-like' indeed. Enough to scare the little kids next to us. One little boy tugged on his dad's shirt, "they're real daddy, I know it!"
I can't imagine how long it took them to design their leathery skin, they're realistic flowy movements...even their eyes and nostrils were drippy.

The stegosaurus is our favorite. ...but I mean, how do they really know that when they were threatened their blood ran through their 'stegs' and turned them bright red for defense? How do you get that from paleontology?

There were eggs hatched, plants eaten, smaller dinos devoured, young protected, and great battles to be won...all woven into a story of both animal life and geology spanning millions of years. Pretty awesome - we just wished it was longer. But, hey, it was a school night. :)