We fit.

Probably one of my favorite Christmas gifts is this:

I could ski jump, hit soccer balls with my head, hula hoop, do a downward facing dog all day.

There's more to it than the games though--aerobics, strength training, yoga... I'm just beginning to 'unlock' all that it has to offer. The jogging in the park feature kind of weirds me out. Makes me feel really lazy to jog in front of my TV screen while looking at cartoon pictures of trees.
At work, we started a 'fitness' board to keep eachother motivated, and I "pledged" --you guessed it -- aerobics, strength training, yoga... that's not cheating, no?
I'm not sure how great the benefits are just yet, It definitely doesn't get me sweatin' like Denise Austin does, but it's sure an easy {and quite fun} way to bank some PE time. I think they have some other discs that step it up a notch.

The most hilarious feature, thought, is it's nagging. Really, lay-it-on-me guilt trips included in the price. It's all happy and positive with you "Oh, you're a real Pro! A calorie burner!" when you get started. But, then...you miss a day. {or many.}

"Where have you been?"

"Why haven't you worked out lately?" ...it actually gives you a list of excuses to choose from, and then has preloaded answers to explain why that's not good enough, mister.

"Well if it isn't Jae Lindsay...." I think heard it scoff at my 12 day lapse in exercise. It's a really passive aggressive machine.
"You need to keep coming back every day to reach your fitness goals, yada yada yada..."

It even reminded me that Candice's birthday was coming up next week. Had I thought about a gift? Had I thought about planning a surprise party?

The best one was when neither of us had been on for about a week, Aaron starts up and instead of him getting the 3rd degree, it asks
"Have you seen Jae Lindsay lately? I haven't seen her work out in a while."
::he answers::
"How is she looking? ...heavier? lighter? about the same?"
::he answers::
"Maybe you haven't been paying enough attention to Jae Lindsay lately?"
::is this thing trying to mess with my marriage?::
"You know, dogs learn better and are motivated when they get attention..."
::oh no you di'int...::
Hmm, maybe it's not so favorite after all.


Liz Brack said...

I got a Wii fit for Christmas too. Does Josh think I need it? I don't know, but I agree its been a lot of fun and full of sarcasim. My kids loved it on their birthday. For their birthday to be celebrated and aknowledged by the TV was quite impressive!!

Kellyooo said...

Thanks Jae! We stole your graphic designer - she did a great job :)

I love reading about all of your adventures!

Dear Annie, said...

That is crazy! As if we don't "should" ourselves enough? Now we can have a computer do it too?