Wrap it up.

What we found:

[photo credit: dwelling spaces]
Sometimes my job takes me to the lovely city of Tulsa, as was the case this Friday. Tulsa, you see, doesn't have any genetic counselors just yet. So, someone from OU travels once a week to counsel families for newborn screening follow-up for Cystic Fibrosis/Sickle cell. {with the drive and all, it ends up being an all day affair.} So, when I was finished at the hospital, I decided to stick around Tulsa for a little before driving home that evening. Despite the airports being closed for bad weather last week, this week I somehow found myself enjoying a meal on the outdoor patio of a cute little cafe. But, as for the find...I stumbled into another "cool store" that I'd like to give press to on here: dwellingspaces is a funky little shop in Tulsa - great shopping for unique items for both home and self, including lots of cute oklahoma apparel and a fair share of local and handmade pieces. Check out this eccecltic shop Downtown on 119 South Detroit.

What we learned:
basic composition. depth of field. shooting in RAW. lighting. F-stops.
Shutter-speeds. software. ppi. rule-of-thirds. ISO. optical zoom. white balance.
Merlanda (my cousin-in-law) and I signed up for a photography workshop on Saturday afternoon at the City Arts Center. We both have fancy-pants SLR Canon EOS Rebel Xti's...and I know that I, the user, feel like I'm holding it back from reaching its full potential. We've been talking about doing this for over a year, and finally found one that was a perfect fit for us. I'd been so excited all week! It was definitely a valuable workshop, and I took away quite a bit from it. I've been thumbing through my instruction manual and 'class notes' practicing my new tricks, I already feel a little less like the rate-determining step. We've plans to get together and hone in our skills, and we learned that Oklahoma City's own Epperson photo offers how-to instructional classes based on your specific camera model... Look out.

Where we're going:
[photo credit: corey fuller]
Tomorrow the the Fuller's are hosting the first of a 3-week bible study series called "Dysfunctional // living in the absence of trust, commitment, accountability."
...conversation, discussion, -and as promised- breakfast food galore.

What makes me happy:
the 70 degree weather, hot dinner-and-movie date with the husband, then some couch time with a bottle of wine & catching up with the week's DVR.