spring forward.

can you believe it? winter, over? seemed like quite the mild season this year didn't it? our heater didn't even see much use. I guess I can give up the hope of getting another 'snow day' to stay home. I was shocked to see the bradford pears blooming this week. you know them, the white beautiful blossoms - but they make the oklahoma air smell like kitty litter.

It's time for the spring cleaning {our productive day today}...time for a visit to the nursery to pick up some flowers & plants, to sweep off the balcony and clean off the patio furniture, to break out the toenail polish and pull out the flip flops... and perhaps best of all, this afternoon Aaron and I are unloading the bicycles for the first trip around the lake this year...exciting to have some 'light' back in the evenings again.

If I were a writer, I'd be able to make some great seque about the metaphor of spring, renewal, birth, beginnings...to transition from all this season-talk to our fun day yesterday celebrating the little baby boy on the way... {but i'm not.}

When we had our wedding shower, Jill had refered to it as the 'bathtub party'. easily lost in translation, you can see. I think of that everytime now...so, the lovely Hinton hostessess threw a little 'bathtub party' for Cody & Sarah on Saturday.

As you can imagine, there were lots of 'awws' for all the cute baby blue clothes, and they received tons of 'supplies' for the little fella. {yet to be named, so they're still taking suggestions...}

The shower was held at Hobb's, lots of friendly folk from Hinton
came and went throughout the afternoon.
He's destined to be a little athlete. He'll have enough OSU and Royals gear to last him until...
well, until the Royals make it to the world series.
Hobb's is a really adorable little place. It was recently reopened, and restored, and serves as a little cafe - It was originally a pharmacy & sundry store back in the day. When the new owners bought the building, they found boxes and boxes of old pharmacy supplies, medicines, remedies - dating as far back to the early 1900s. They were careful to preserve all the 'antiques' they found. So, for the shower, they even pulled out some 'vintage' baby supplies. with ALL of the crazy choices out there these days, and all that they say is 'bad for babies', it's amazing how they ever made it back then?
you know what they say, great sister-in-laws dress alike.
this isn't even alike, actually, it's identical!
we chaloners have a pattern of things like this. :)
They're gonna make some pretty awesome parents.
& aunt J and uncle A are pretty excited too!


Robert & Kelly said...

I am so behind on checking comments :) I think I will share a lot of the details - it's a good way to remember everything! Happy birthday to your blog!!