holy matrimony!

2 years ago since: Unbelievable.
and Incredible.
Standing up there on May 27, 2007 I could not have even imagined what an amazing man God had planned for me. {I thought I knew, but I'm continually, pleasantly surprised each and every day.} Lucky girl.

We were hoping that the second anniversary was 'wood'. {get it, a giant new home full of...}
But, it's not. It's cotton. oh, well. We're buying couches too. fluffy ones, chocked full of cotton.
Aaron made reservations for two at a cute little place down in the Paseo Arts District, a cute little strip lined with shops, restaurants, and art galleries. The food was incredible, I was expecting good food - but, let's be honest, the price-tag on a lot of fancy schmancy places covers the 'ambiance' but sometimes the menu falls short. Well, if you go and order the Chilean Sea Bass your taste buds will not be disappointed. It was the best meal I can remember in a long time. . .The table was even it's own little private dining area, they had silk curtains giving everyone their own little space. Tres chic. ...It was pricey, yes {but get your $25 gift certificate for $2 at restaurants.com} and you can splurge on the starters, the wine and chocolate cake!
They even brought us a special treat for our anniversary, such gracious hosts!

Highly recommended.

Happy Anniversary to my little goofball of 2 years!