As I sit here in a pile of clothes, bags, boxes, packing tape… I’m wondering how I was able to enjoy such a carefree weekend just days ago. They say ignorance is bliss, I suppose. Well my goofy grin reflects quite the absence of deep consideration and planning that now tangles up my thoughts. This is way more than I had bargained for. {And you know what an over-analyzer, think-it-all-througher I am. So, I already had a lot on the bargaining shelf…}

Well, the shelf broke from the sheer weight of it all.
So, now I sit in a pile of mess.
Literally, and figuratively. {the annoyance of packing, the hassle of moving, the exciting but time-consuming painting and decorating and shopping, and the stress of the approaching GC board exams closing in on me – that’s the big enjoyment-sucker in all of this --… all, after the chaotic day at my full-time job at the hospital}

I shouldn’t be complaining. This is what we wanted! A house, a home. For that I’m pumped, but secretly wishing the next month of my life away. And, practically, we weighed all of these things when making such an important decision in the first place, and decided it was worth it. It’s not the financial investment, for that, I feel comfortable and I’m proud {but of course, I had that little freak-out early on too.} …It’s the part in all of us that wishes for more hours in a day. It’s just a little overwhelming all things happening at once. I really am excited, I swear!

So, I continue in prayer. For my sanity. For my organization. For my patience. For my fatigue. For my wonderful husband. For my ear-infections in both ears… ok, enough. debbie downer stops now. Or, for now. :)

Now, let me take you back to an earlier, more relaxed time:
A Saturday afternoon at the amusement park spent riding rides, eating ridiculously unhealthy fare, watching the “talented” {ehm} performers, and enjoying the day together.
Not bad, considering the tickets were a mere 50 cents apiece.

The name of our local park is Frontier City. Now some folk say “Frawn-tier” and some say “Fruun-tier”. It’s a matter of opinion really.

It really is a great little park, fun rides & never really all that crowded.

Melody enjoying a snack before the ride… that amusement park food can get pretty pricey.
For this photo, my camera risked his little life.
Do you scream on roller-coasters? Hold your arms up high in the air? Pray that you don’t lose your churro?

Did you know that Six Flags is cutting back its employees? The first job cut was the ‘roller-coaster-photograph-screener’, whose job it was to keep inappropriate snapshots off of the viewing TVs. Seriously, that’s a job? I guess to some that could be really boring, or really exciting.A “splashing success”…
These two clowns got busted for crack-axling.
Closing out the day with a ride on the ferris wheel, Melody’s favorite part.

Well, our internet is kind of touch and go these days, not to mention we’ve got a big move coming up! So, while we’re away, know that we’ll be doing this for a while: Then, if all goes well, this on June 15th: Then we're installing this: And then doing lots of this:
Thanks both to Corey & Kara’s lovely housewarming gift packed with loads of painting goodies and also to all the ‘volunteers’ who’ve offered to lend a painting hand, we’re hoping it won’t take too terribly long.
…now if I could just pick out which colors? Any suggestions of do’s or don’ts much appreciated. [comment button below, hint hint.]

And, last but not least, this:
And then some settling in, grilling out, planting flowers, sitting on our back patio...

and then, just maybe, you might hear from us again.


jen + ryan said...

thanks for the paint color link!!!

sorry you're feeling overwhelmed... we're in teh same place right now! moving is REALLY a hassle! hang in there, and it'll all be better in a month :)