memorial memories.

It was a warm winters’ night…
So already this story can’t be true

Actually it was a beautiful, breezy memorial day weekend. day-weekend? why do we say that?
Now that Aaron’s no longer buried in the papers or having to spend weekends in the lab, this kid’s got a hold of our social calendar – and he’s wearing me out!
We managed to squeeze in sailing with the Fuller family, the Edmond Jazz & Blues Festival, the movie Angels and Demons, {studying}, hanging out at the pool, cooking out with the Klein family, and an overnight camping trip out in Western Oklahoma!


I’m really behind on my posting, so I’ll let the pictures tell the tale…
Because if you don’t have pictures, it never really happened.
Aaron said I ‘squealed’ when he told me we were going sailing.
It’s true. Up there on my ‘favorite-things-to-do-of-all-time’ list.
My brother and I even went to sailing ‘camp’ for 3 weeks. If I tell you where, you might not speak to me for a few days.
but you’d think we’d know more ‘fundamentals’.
That’s why Aaron & I are doing this next spring.

The Cap’n and his first mates.

sailing into the sunset... Never sailed the blustery Oklahoma wind. A different story than the still lakes of Tennessee.
When we have a sailboat, I want to name it this. Cracked me up.

We also caught a couple acts at the Edmond Blues & Jazz Festival this weekend, what beautiful weather we had! I tried to study that afternoon and had a momentary meltdown. That’s what happens when you work hard and play hard. Sure, it sounds good in theory. But, you’re stinkin’ exhausted.

Aaron’s aunt and uncle invited the whole family to grill out on Sunday afternoon out in the country. We got to play with our ‘first-cousin-once-removed’, little Mckinlee who was, of course, a little doll. We planned to camp out by the pond on some of Aaron’s family’s land. You would be proud of me, someone mentioned the word “rattlesnake” about three times before we set out…and I still went. The grass was so high, I think at first I walked around like I was doing football drills.
We set up camp and quickly broke out the fishing gear. There were 5 campers, us and Melody, her friend Eric, and Aaron's cousin Merlanda. Between all of us, we were hoping to catch our dinner. Only Melody was so lucky.

I was especially motivated {being a hater of hot-dogs}.

Maybe I was simply distracted by this beautiful view.
Aaron had watched a You-Tube video on how to fillet a fish the morning before. no kidding. He actually did a great job. We rubbed some seasoning on it, and grilled up the fresh bass. It was actually really delicious! {So, we're out in the middle of nowhere, but Merlandas Iphone had this photo up on facebook in 3 seconds...not sure how I feel about this technology sometimes.}
enjoying the great outdoors, watching shooting stars, telling ghost stories.
{maybe there's an app for that...}
all s'mores are not created equal.
the next morning we took to helping out with turtle overpopulation... happy campers.


jen + ryan said...

so fun! there's nothing like being on a boat to remind you it's summer! :)