where my musics playing...

When I wait too long to post, I tend to forget the little details.
{that’s half the reason I like to keep this thing, just for my poor, sad little memory.}

So, let’s see. I have a brother…yes… and he graduated from high school…
It’s all coming back to me.

So, I made the lovely drive from Oklahoma to Tennessee to spend a long weekend with the family. A short visit, but isn’t it always? On my first day, we took this cutie pie out for a picnic and afternoon at the park.

Do you know any other one year olds who will sport a pair of shades for 3 hours?
She had a blast on the swings and the slides… such an adventurous, independent little one. I heard her cry maybe once the whole three days. She’s just constantly smiling, talking, laughing...and naturally the center of attention.
It was the highlight of my month to be able to spend so much time with my niece, it’s heartbreaking to be so far away from her {and the rest of my family too… but you guys stay the same. She, on the other hand, is always changing, learning, up to new things all the time…} She’s really a lot of fun. That’s what aunts get to do, be there for the ‘fun part’. I couldn’t quite get her to say my name though. We’ll have to work on that when they come to visit this summer.
I’m sure this kid is bound to walk the commencement stage many more times. {He’s already told me that he plans to be in school until he is 30. Nothing wrong with that, huh Aaron?} Our little brother is going to be a Belmont Bruin next year majoring in Biology with interests in everything from music and cartooning to bioengineering and medicine. {A bruin is a bear, in case you were wondering. Not sure why they don’t just say bear. But, maybe Bruin is more elite…and confusing.}
We’re so excited for you, and so proud of you. And I’m sure you’ll only continue to climb…
Class of 2009.
…two years until my ten-year reunion?!...
Crap. That means one year until I have to start planning it! Argh. I remember having the overanalyzing-foresight of specifically not running for class-officer senior year of high school so I wouldn’t have to do this. they twisted my arm. That’s ok, all of ‘they’ get to be on committees or something.

Surprisingly, I was able to visit with lots of family during my short stint. I had a chance to hang out and grill out @ Dad’s with my aunt & uncle after Lo’s main event, caught up with Mom and Grandma just sitting on the porch swing on Saturday afternoon, spent Saturday night grilling out at the house and playing {winning} poker with the boys & mom. I even took an extra day off of work, so I could stick around Sunday for church and ‘supper’, and squeezed in breakfast with Hannah in Jackson on my drive back to OK.

Sunday afternoon @ Logan's graduation party at church.

Fishing with Jim & Jill in Mama and Papa's backyard.

Riding Leo with the kids... {even I got a turn}
what a lovely sunday afternoon in the country. After 8 years of being away from home, I still haven't gotten used to Sundays in the city.
chased her around for about 20 minutes with my camera. she moves fast.
miss photogenic.FIVE-generation family photo. On the last day, Logan decided he needed a little post-graduation moment of rebellion...
I told someone that my brother had shaved his hair into a mohawk to which they replied "what did your mother think?" ...well, she did it. my punk little brother, ladies and gentleman.