productive weekend. indeed.

I thought this move might potentially be easier now that we weren't moving two {bachelor-and-bachelorette} apartments at the same time. No sir, I was wrong, now I know that any move post-wedding-showers trumps that.
How do people do this with kiddos and jobs? -and- out of more than 900 square feet?
Not pictured = other rooms with stacks of boxes, furniture, multiple trips to the dumpster, piles of yard-sale/donation items.

{speaking of which, a special thanks to the chaloners for allowing us to add some loot to their yard sale this weekend without actually being in attendance... we made an extra 150$ that'll be going toward paint and supplies for our new digs!}

...i think i can. i think i can.


jen + ryan said...

hang in there... you know it will be totally worth it!

Robert & Kelly said...

It's hard work but so exciting! I can't wait to see pictures of your new home!

jen + ryan said...

hey! how did closing go? are y'all all moved in? i need to hear from your experience so i'll know what to expect!